MWI indicator not lighting up or blinking

I have a client with a FreePBX system, version 10.13.66-22 and Aastra 6753i phones. We are not sure when this occurred, but it was just reported to me today that there are seveal users whose MWI light does not blink or light up when a VM is left. They get an e-mail saying a VM was left, but no indication on their phone.

Other users do get the MWI light on their phone. I have compared the settings of one extension where MWI does not work and another extension where it does but I cannot find any difference. Specifically, in the “Advanced” tab for each extension, the “Mailbox” is set to [email protected] (where ‘EXT’ is the specific extension in question)

I have been informed that no changes have been made in a while to the system.

I haven’t been able to see anywhere in the web GUI on enabling or disabling) MWI for Aastra phones, whether in the extension or in any of the templates.

I did check the log file for a VM that was left for one of the extensions, but everything looks normal.

Any ideas why MWI is not working for some of these phones?

Pjsip or chansip. You also sure they don’t have delete VM after email enabled?


Delete VM after sending was the first thing I checked; it is not enabled.

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