MWI for only Account 1 - Yealink

Hello - Looking for a way (Yealink T46S phones) to have the Message Waiting Indicator Light go on when there is a voicemail only for account 1.

In our setup, Emily’s is at extension 123, but she also answers the phone for John at 124, and Alice at 125.

(John and Alice are setup as account.2 and account.3 respectively) I want the MWI light to go on only if there is a message for Emily, and not for John and Alice (but the MWI should go on for John on John’s phone if he has a voicemail)

Any ideas on how to do this?
Yealink Tech support says all or nothing on the MWI light. Hoping for a better answer from the community.

Hi on my T42S i have option in account advanced option (per account)
set Subscribe for MWI = yes
set Subscribe MWI to Voice Mail = yes
Voice Mai = voicemailnumber

maybe this helps ? so set on all accounts will be only flashing when msg on mailbox X.

1.It enables or disables the phone to subscribe the message waiting indicator to the voice mail number.
(It works only if “account.X.subscribe_mwi” is set to 1 (Enabled) and “voice_mail.number.X” is configured)
CFG Configuration:
Valid Value:
Disabled: the phone will subscribe the message waiting indicator to a specific account.

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