Mutivoip with FREEPBX

I am trying to make my Freepbx use a Multivoip 810 to convert to PSTN lines, i can get calls in, but cannot call out. can anyone give me a clue as to what i am doing wrong?

Wow, that’s something up from long ago, Expensive and not very good I remember :wink:

I doubt many have had experience with this hardware and unless you have some legacy copper DID e&m circuits (my use case, but that was ten years ago :slight_smile: ) , I would save yourself blood sweat and tears and get something a little less creaky.

Yea, that’s the link i found too, along with one other that was helpful in getting the calls from outside to come in.
But like I said, i can’t call out. I got the Multivoip out of a junk pile at a Pawn Shop, so i’m stuck with that. Anyone else have any experiance?