Music on Hold Volume

I would like the volume to be lower on Music on Hold. I used Audacity to “Loudness Normalize”. Took perceived loudness to -25.0. Still seems too loud. When I take it down more it just seems garbled or range is too “close”. What is best method to simply bring volume down without distorting everything?

I always just use Audacity to lower the gain. Not sure why you are having problems with it.

Well for a MOH there is a file named 01.wav. The original uploaded 01.wav was not at a lower gain. When I lower gain of 01.wav in Audacity it sounds quieter and fine. I delete 01.wav at the MOH in Freepbx, and upload new 01.wav and in testing it, it is NOT quieter. Sounds the same. I apply changes after deleting, and after uploading. Is there something I am missing? Reboot everything? I just don’t get it.

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