Music on hold using soundcard line input

Hi Guys. I need help!
I’ve installed Alsa tools and utils with the intent of inputting audio on a soundcard for music on hold. Before we get into a discussion as to the legalities, I should mention that this is for a radio station installation of Freepbx.
I created a custom category for default MOH with line command “arecord -c 1 -f MU_LAW -r 8000 -t raw”
I can verify that sound card and alsamixer interface is working in CentOS. But I hear no audio on hold and I see this constant error in the log files
“[2018-10-25 20:26:36] WARNING[10781] res_musiconhold.c: poll() failed: Interrupted system call”


That error occurs when the music on hold stream has no audio or is interrupted.

Where’s the rest of the command?

arecord is the Custom Application

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