Music on hold using panasonic phones

music on hold is not working with either KX-TG6524EB or KX-TGC213EB Panasonic cordless handsets. the music on hold definitely works when I use old BT freestyle cordless phone.

my system is fully up to date and working through an obi100 adapter. when call is put on hold, it goes silent but no music is heard with both Panasonic models above, the later of which is newer model.
I’ve contacted Panasonic support who have told me that models support PBX systems so there must be an incorrect setting on system.
I was wondering if anyone has experienced same problem and if so, if they found a fix.

Is this the only audio problem you are facing?
Are in/out bound calls working fine?
If they are not than you are most likely having a nat issue…otherwise it could be a codec problem.
How is your codec setup configured on the obi100?

Everything else is working perfectly (sorry forgot to mention this).

All codecs are set to default on obi100. is there any particular one in particular that you think may be problem?

No but you have to check that the codec used by the obi100 is enabled in the Settings -> Asterisk SIP settings in FreePBX

I’m trying to enable a codec in asterisk sip settings but it keeps asking for a fixed ip address which was blank to begin with. I don’t have a fixed ip from isp, could you give me some help how to deal with this please?

Yes sure.
NAT --> you have to selet yes or no, depending on wether you are behind nat or not.
External IP --> you have to select "Public IP"
Local network --> you have to insert your private network / subnet
F.E. If your router is on your network will most likely be

Thanks for info Aaron, I’ve been trying the same and some other codecs but still no joy. I think I’m going to send the Panasonic phones back and try with new BT phones. I appreciate your efforts.