Music on hold randomly shoppy on resuming after announcement


music on hold randomly sounds choppy for a couple of seconds after an announcement (for example, all operators are busy, please hold on or call back later). How can I correct this? Does this depend on the size of music files or codecs?

Also, I was told that might be a timing issue. I have two of the available modules turned on as follows: pthread Timing Interface 0 Running extended Timerfd Timing Interface 1 Running core
What can I do in this respect to eliminate choppiness?

It really depends on the actual music being used, the codec and the machine you’re using to serve as your PBX. If the choppiness only occurs when you have a bunch of calls waiting, it might be safe to assume you’re near load capacity and could benefit from an upgrade to a more powerful machine. If it happens regardless of load, the issue may be the codec and any bit rate controls you may have in place.

The files also have to be formatted for the codec you’re using. I find that when using WAV files with g.722, there may be some music loss AKA chopping. Try to convert the music files to the codec you’re using but keep your WAV file originals stored so you may move between formats to kind of see which ones work out better.

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