Music on Hold Quality

Hey everyboday,

I tried almost any allowed format on the FreePBX ,but still, I am having quality problems with the file. The formats I tried out are gsm,wav,raw,mp3,alaw. I get drops when the file is being played. The version of my Free-PBX is I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

you say you get “drops”. does that mean you get calls dropping when MOH is played? or is it that the moh drops segments of the music? who hears it? an external caller? and internal caller? do you have any other voice quality issues? do you experience the problem when using the moh that comes with the system?

The MOH drops segments of music and on both sides, internal and external is problematic. I have not checked it with the system’s MOH. I’ll try it out and let you know. thx.

I tested with the original MOH music shipped with Freepbx. The problem is just the same. Could you give me some hints plz?

What type of hardware do you have this installed on? What version of Asterisk? Why such an old version of FreePBX

2.8 is probably running an old version of Asterisk that is still dependent on a clock.

Is this a virtual machine or physical? If physical do you have a timing source defined?

How long has the system been up? Did this just start happening?

You say you have FreePBX 2.8 how was it installed? Did you use a distro or install yourself? What OS are you running? What type of trunks? Are the phone on same LAN as server?

It is a physical machine(Athlon Dual core 4GB RAM) and currently we are not using any time source. The system has been restarted just recently and the uptime is not significant actually, since it shows the same behavior even right after booting.

The problem is somewhat pervasive and has been there for a while. As a matter of fact the same problem exists also with regard to announcements. 
The distro is a combined "Elastix+Freepbx" installation and we are using SIP trunks both internally and externally and the all the phones are the same LAN segment.

**** The sound card driver is not installed on this machine**** Does this have anything to do with the audio quality?

I am not talking about the system clock I am talking about the 1000Hz reference timer that DAHDI hooks into. Up until Asterisk 10 you needed to have a DAHDI dummy timer setup. I don’t know if Elastix does this.

I will test-drive it now with the latest stable release of Freepbx to see if it changes. Thx SkykingOH