Music on hold OFF


how can I turn off the MoH completely?

I disabled it from the user extension, from the incoming route and from the queue and I still hear the MoH.


If nothing else, delete (or move) the music on hold mp3s.

Go to the inbound routes and trunks and select music on hold to off.

Excuse me, I have problem with the hold on music. In fact I can hear this inserting directly the desired file in GSM format into the directory /var/lib/asterisk/mohmp3. My problem is that mp3 and wav file are not accepted. This is something strange, because into the graphical interface there is a MUSIC HOLD ON section where there is written:

“Upload a .wav or .mp3 file:”

but uploading a file in the corrected format, nothing happens. If your music hold on works, please, help me!!!

Thanks so much for your help!!!



Please do not hyjack a existing thread. While your issue is about MOH you inserted into the middle, and your issue has nothing to do with the main threads topic.

Please post as a new thread.

You have provided no info so we don’t know what versions of anything you are asking for, or possibly who’d distro. So also take a look at: