Music on Hold issue

Well, technically, it’s not an issue with Music on Hold itself, but with the interface for uploading music to be used in the music on hold directories. Namely, FreePBX will not let you upload files larger than 5 MB. It might be 6 MB, I haven’t tested it completely, but I know that if I try to upload an 8 or 9 MB file, it will drop me back to the Setup main page. So, if this is a feature of FreePBX, can we get a little message on the Music on Hold page saying that there is a size limit for uploading? If it’s a bug, let me know and I’ll report it as a bug.

Ken Livingston

It is not bug… it is a feature of PHP

If you wish you can edit the php.ini file which controls the upload limit.

BUT if you load a BIG MOH file you will EAT UP CPU and may cause some audio issues as well