Music on hold isn't our music on hold

Recently when calling my office and being put on hold I got music that isn’t in our system. When I got back to the office I looked at the settings and everything is fine. But the music I was hearing on hold isn’t in any of our MOH recordings.
I called my cell phone from the office and put myself on hold. Same thing. the music on hold I was hearing isn’t any of our recordings. I have no idea where it’s coming from as it’s not in our system. I literally played every message in our system and that music isn’t in any of our recordings. Where is it coming from and why isn’t the music being played that’s selected in the other menus (which is still correct… but isn’t what’s playing).


What’s the setting of this option in the generated configuration for the trunk?

Are you even using chan_pjsip? Are you even using VoIP?

Could the phone itself be sourcing MoH?

Generally, I would want logging, including protocol logging from both sides of FreePBX, to understand this.

I’m working on the pjsip.conf.sample#L676 file. It seems the free version WS_FTP no longer accepts the SSL from FreePBX and now you have to buy the software to get it to work again. My linix skills (or lack of) don’t allow me to get the info without it.

Yes it’s using PJSIP.
Yes I’m using VOIP (SipStation)
No the phone doesn’t source MoH nor has this happened before. Not sure when it changed but it wasn’t like this the last time my office put me on hold.
Tell me how to get the logging you want and I’ll get it. Do the lines below give any clue?

Looking at the lines below did send me back to my MoH settings. I found a file named default, which I don’t remember from before. The default file has all sorts of weird and strange music files in it that I don’t recall seeing before along with a couple of my other recordings. This 100% where the strange music is coming from so I’m deleting all these strange files as I don’t want them ever played on my company system.

Thanks for your help as it sent me in the right direction.

10901 [2022-10-17 17:10:04] VERBOSE[3481][C-00000060] res_musiconhold.c: Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on channel ‘SIP/fpbx-1-7OZk1NLlhpUV-0000008a’
10902 [2022-10-17 17:10:20] VERBOSE[3481][C-00000060] res_musiconhold.c: Stopped music on hold on SIP/fpbx-1-7OZk1NLlhpUV-0000008a

These are not consistent with each other.

The type listed under “type” in the extensions is pjsip for most extensions. There are some old unused extensions that still say sip as well as two unused extensions that says iax2. Under the extensions it says " This device uses PJSIP technology listening on Port 5161 (UDP)"

I’m not technical enough on this system to tell you more than what the GUI is telling me.

Well the logs are telling us the default MoH class was in use. Now that might not be your MoH but it is the system default MoH. This sounds like the wrong MoH class is being used or your MoH class isn’t being set at some point during the call.

When you say it may be the wrong class… where would this class be defined? I did find a file named “default” in the On Hold Music category and this appears to be where the music was playing from. I’m not sure why it’s playing. Maybe the “default” category plays any time an extension places a call on hold? I don’t see a place to define it other than under the Find Me/ Follow Me tab, which is set to a different category. Where else would this setting be in the GUI? I’ve looked under trunks and routes. Have I just not found the right menu yet?

You do realize the MoH class for Followme is default to Ringing? It is what is played back to the caller while the followme list is being Dialed. If you choose something other than Ringing, that is what is played back instead of ring tones. When the call is answered, that goes away.

I have changed the followme to play MoH called 70s. And yes, that’s what is played when the follow-me list is ringing the people in the list. That part works fine.

What has changed is the MoH that’s played when a call is placed on Hold from an extension. It’s playing the “default” category of MoH but for some reason a bunch of sound files showed up in that category that hadn’t been there before. Maybe they install automatically when Asterisk is updated? I know I’ve done an Asterisk update recently. I’m just guessing because I don’t know where those files came from but they sound hideous to me so I’ve deleted them.

If you do not set a MoH class for the actual call, default is used. This is how it has always worked, nothing has changed. You’re making a deal out of the fact that some new royalty free music files were added to the default MoH?

So this sounds like a MoH class, outside of when dialing the followme list, isn’t being set. So yeah, when the caller is put on hold, they are going to get the default MoH class.

Well, yes. I didn’t KNOW these new files were being placed in my default category so I didn’t know my customers were hearing them. Yes, to me that’s an issue as I feel I should have been asked if I wanted my customers to hear that noise instead of the pre-scripted sales recording that they were intended to hear. Yes, to me that’s a problem.

And now, I didn’t know where this noise was coming from until earlier in this thread when I saw that default reference. I guess that makes me stupid but I’m a user, not a programmer.

If there’s a way to change the category that’s used when an extension places a call on hold, where is that setting in the GUI?

Yeah, you set it on the Inbound route or another point in the routing of the call before it hits FollowMe. I don’t think you have the ability to set per extension MoH in the GUI.

Thanks. I already have it set on the inbound routes and the outbound routes. However in looking just now I did find an outbound route that’s still set to “default” so it appears I missed one. And this route is the route I was using for my testing so this makes 100% sense. This was the missing piece of the puzzle. This is now “solved”

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