Music on hold (hold/transfer)

I have parking set up and when a caller is sent to the parking lot the set “music on hold” is played. When I use the transfer or hold button on my phone however the default music on hold is played. Can this also be changed to something else?

You can replace the “default” music on hold files with whatever you want.

Or you you can specify the MOH class on the inbound and outbound routes

Yes I know and I already changed the default music and this is played when calls come in and when calls are parked, but I’m now looking for a way to change this for when I put calls on hold using the button from my phone.

It may just be my way of looking at things, but when you put someone on hold, the default music on hold should play. Everything else should have options for different music, but being on hold should play the default music on hold.

Now, I may not be thinking about this hard enough, but since everything else in the system allows for different MOH classes, I’d think this would expect it to work.

I have set the MOH of all of my outbound routes to the category I want, but when I put a called on hold, it still plays the built-in music. For incoming calls I have set MOH on the ring groups (call flow first passes things like “dynamic routes” and “time conditions” btw).

There is no specific setting for on hold or transfer I should be looking for?

It would violate my expectation that the default music on hold wasn’t played when I put someone on hold. It seems to me there are some rules about MOH from the inbound being played until the call goes to an extension, but I’m not sure.

It sounds like you are trying to set up multi-tenant and want different hold music for different tenants. We’ve talked about FreePBX not supporting multi-tenant operations very effectively. This could be one of those cases.

MoH applies to the channel that it is one. So when a call gets parked it is being put on a local channel to be held there. That channel gets the Park MoH. When you pickup that call and then put them on hold the channel is your channel (aka the phone’s) which has nothing set on it. If there is nothing set on it, the system will default to the default MoH.

The only way to do this is to add the setting in the _post.conf files, either sip_additional_post.conf or pjsip.endpoints_post.conf (names could vary, recalling from memory). For both it would start as: (using 100 as axample)



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Maybe I’ll just go with the easy way and replacing the default files with my own music.

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