Music on hold from ivr

Hi guys,
How do I change the ring to MoH from the IVR in incoming calls?
example: I call in (not ext>ext), I get the IVR, when I press 1 (for John Doe) I want to hear the MoH, not the ring, but if I call ext 101 (John Doe) from ext 102 (Jane Smith) I want a ring…

Thanks for the help

Are you using queues or ring groups in the IVR?

No, just the extensions

Try putting whatever extension you want to ring in a que. Then link that que to “1” in the IVR

I have about 25 extensions, do I need to have 25 ques?

You have 25 options on your IVR? That seems a bit excessive.

I don’t think I understand how your system is set up. Perhaps a little more detail will help us to understand what it is you really want.

No, I have multiple IVRs

Plus, I want the MoH to be played instead of ring when someone “Direct Dials” from the IVR to any extension

I doubt it, since this is considered a “local call”. If you set it up to do this, you’d have MOH getting played on your local calls as well.