Music instead of ringing


I need set music instead of ringing for one extension (all who call to this extension should hear the music, not the rings).
How can i do it?


Create a queue, put the one extension in it, and tell the queue to play music on hold instead of ringing.

(Lorne Gaetz) #3

Unless you need a queue, it is much easier to configure the extension in question with Follow-Me enabled. Follow Me allows you to set MOH instead of ringing.


I try FollowMe for one extension, and set “Play Music On Hold” option to MOH
but, when using SoftPhones (X-lite, PhonerLite), i don’t hear music.

(HawkEye) #5

First of all, download music in .wav format. Create new Music on Hold category and add your music .wav files there by going to Settings -> Music on Hold -> Add Music Category (for downloaded .wav files) OR Add Streaming if you want to stream in music (can be about 320GB/month).

In the Inbound Route for your DID(s) change the Music on Hold to your new stream or category. save and apply. Call your DID(s) and you should hear your music.

(Habib Rahman) #6

I have already above instructions, bot not working.

(Dave Burgess) #7

What isn’t working? What is working?

We need more information.

(Habib Rahman) #8

How do I change default ringback tone to IVR or MoH, which i listen selected IVR or MoH instade of default ringback tone. Please help me