Music hold on file formats

With the Freepbx graphic interface I desire to set the hold on music. It’s writen:

“Upload a .wav or .mp3 file:”

so I upload a mp3 or wav file but using my internal numbers or doing an incoming or an outgoing call, if one caller is holding, no music plays.
I saw that only a GSM format is good, but I can upload these files by inserting these “by hand” and not using the graphic interface. In this way, hold on music play.
Why? I don’t understand this behaviour.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much for your help.



The MP3’s and wav files will work, but you may have to re-sample them. You can do that with any sound editor, like Audacity or Adobe Audition. There is also a command line way to re-sample called Sox. Google Asterisk MOH and you should find plenty of info on doing this.