Multiply Yealink registrations to extension

We haven’t started to use hot desking as we’re still looking into proper way to setup. Questions is that some extensions have multiple Yealink phones registered to receive calls but only 1 rings for incoming calls. Is this by design or something not working allowing all registered phones to ring?

The phone that is actually linked in the portal is the phone that isn’t ringing.

Is there officially support link for setting up hot desking with EPM as well?

Thanks for any advise on this topic.


This is not a phone problem. If you are register multiple ip phones (SIP) to a single extension, the last who registered will get the incoming phone rings. If you want to use hot desking with the Freepbx framework it is better to use device and user configuration.
Just keep in mind that this feature will not be supported any longer on the newer releases of the Freepbx. What is your main problem now? not enough seats for all the agents?

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No, I have a phone at my office and my house. I work 50/50 from home/office.

If I make a change to speed dial I want it updated at both phones. This is why I was thinking hot desking. Why are they removing host desking feature? So many small business reply on this concept.


I did not understand your problem. All you need to do is to configure a ring group or a follow me to your other extension.
Every call to your office extension will call to your home extension.
I also do not understand why they are going to remove the support for the device and user support. According to Andrew it is getting to complicated to keep track on the devices states on the newer versions of the Freepbx.

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