Multiple user same fax inbox

Is there a way to give multiple access to the same fax inbox. Just like you can have multiple user accounts access the same VM box?

System fax can be used by everybody, it is not tied to any user.

But I have to assign a inbound trunk to one extension. I would like all user or at least a subgroup of user to access 1 fax inbox.

You can create a specific inbound route for the DID and point it to extension 666, which is the system fax.

And then it will show up in each users UCP fax inbox?

Oh, sorry, I didn’t get that you wanted to use it from UCP. I’m not sure whether system fax can be linked to UCP.
Maybe someone from sangoma can chime in on this.

Lol just give the user access the the fax extension just like you would voicemail inboxes.

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