Multiple Time Zones Multiple IVRs same schedules

i have 10 clinics with only one currently being in a different time zone and i was wondering the least messy way of configuring everything

i have 10 different numbers
they first need to check a time condition for holiday
then if its the lunch hour depending on local time
then if its work hours depending on local time

assuming all that is passed it need to go to that specific Clinics IVR
ringgroups and everything else is already set.

but my current idea is i need 30 different time groups one for each location to check holiday then local time for the lunch hour then working hours.
then finally pass to the IVR. i feel like this is going to be unwieldy if i need to change anything in the future.

is there anything that can check time conditions and then depending on the inbound did route to the correct IVR?

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