Multiple sites with a single queue

We just moved to a queue’d system for our incoming calls and we are getting close to opening a second location. We are a call center so we handle tech support and sales calls from our customers. We currently use freePBX 6.12 and I was just trying to gather more informaiton on how we would use multiple asterisk systems between our sites but have all the agents logged into a single queue. I do realize we will need an XMPP server in order to keep device states sync’d, how would we keep the queues in sync.

In my digging I have seen a lot of information on how syncing the queues isn’t possible, so if that is true could we have a local freepbx installation at each location but allow the agents to log into queue on a different freepbx location that just handles the queueing of calls? Can this be done by linking the freepbx installations by IAX2?

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