Multiple SIP trunks on a single freepbx box


I’m kinda new to freepbx so I have the following situation: I have a couple of iax trunks on a single server and they’re working properly, they can make and accept calls without any problems, even between those lines can call. But also i have a couple of sip trunks on the same box and those can make and accept calls but not between them, when i try to call the other sip trunk i get the “called failed: Busy here” error. Can anyone shed some light on this?

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This comment does not makes sense. You can’t call a trunk. You can either receive or place a call on a trunk. It would also be important to note the origin in addition to the direction of the call.

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when I dial from one of the numbers to the other number, both on the same server, I get this error. Hope now it is clear.


Internal calls should go from extension to extension or group. Who would you be calling if you dialed your own number?? Then you get charged minutes for making a call that would be free if kept internal.

As long as you can make outbound or take inbound calls on the numbers associated with the trunks I don’t see the problem.

I had one system that would go haywire if you made a call like the one you describe.

You should always build a loop around trunk and a route to send your inbound DID’s back into the system. This is good system design practice.

Build a custom trunk with this in the dial field:

Local/[email protected]

and how the custom trunk have to be filled