Multiple Registration in Asterisk-12

FreePBX: Version 12.0.1 (beta18)
Asterisk: Version 12.3.2
OK: ArchLinux

I realized that I originally asked a similar question to a previous post that went back to 2010 regarding multiple IP phones for the same extension. But on some boards, administrators don’t like this so I started a new post.

I’ve built a dedicated system to test / learn Asterisk-12 and FreeePBX-12, and I manage my Asterisk configuration through FreePBX. If I wanted to bypass FreePBX, I am familiar with editing certain Asterisk .conf files to configure multiple devices (hard phone, soft phone, etc.) to simultaneously ring when someone enters an “extension”, but for me that is cheating FreePBX so I don’t do it. If I wanted to accomplish the same objective in FreePBX, I would simply create a Ring Group or maybe use Follow Me.

In my current configuration I have enabled PJSIP and disabled “traditional” SIP through the FreePBX advanced settings, because I wanted to learn / experience the differences and advantages of PJSIP through the FreePBX UI.

There has been a lot of conversation regarding Multiple Registration in Asterisk-12 and there is quite a bit of Asterisk documentation regarding PJSIP and Multiple Registrations. So I wondered from a FreePBX perspective if, other than Ring Groups or Follow Me to address multiple devices “tagged” to a single extension, there is going to be a new way to address multiple devices “assigned” to a single user and/or the ability to simultaneously ring multiple devices through a single “extension” with the new features of PJSIP?

Yes this already works and there’s nothing more you need to do In terms of manual configurations as long as you are using pjsip. You’ll just need to increase the “max contacts” number for each extension as high as how many devices you want to connect to a single endpoint.

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Thank you tm1000, very simple indeed and an extremely easy way to register multiple devices to a single extension and have all devices ring when the extension is dialed. I am running through a variety of scenarios, here was an interesting observation, not a complaint, just an observation.

  1. Created extension 200, set max contacts to 1, registered a Polycom desk phone to extension.
  2. Called extension 200 and as expected, it rang on the desk phone.
  3. Registered a soft phone to extension 200, but left max contacts still set to 1, left the desk phone alone.
  4. Called extension 200, it now rings to the soft phone not the desk phone.
  5. Went into extension maintenance and changed Max Contacts to 2, called extension 200 again, but only the soft phone rang, desk phone did not ring.
  6. Rebooted the desk phone, now called extension 200 again, and both the soft phone and desk phone rang.

So it looks like if you register additional devices to an extension but do not increase Max Contacts before registering the extra devices, the last device registered is the one that rings. If you do go back and increase Max Contacts, need to reboot and/or re-register the device.

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Yes that is how it works. They have to register after you change that setting so that the internals of asterisk are correct. Glad it works though. Let us know how freepbx deals with it