Multiple recordings problem

Dear sirs
Thank you a lot for your continuous support
May i ask you please in the recordings page i see the system is recording all the extensions that are part of the queue while only one had answered. I have tried all the settings so far with no luck.

so for every incoming call i have 4 different files created with the recording, i want only the extension that answered the call to be recorded. Do you have any idea please?

Is there a page that a user (not the administrator) can see the caller’s telephone number while he is speaking to him?
or maybe a page in the admin pages?
Thank you

The recording has to start for all of the extensions if you specify ‘record always’. The other three should drop off after the call is answered (so you shouldn’t have all four being recorded). If that’s not the case, you’ll need to tell us more about your recording options, since this sounds like the desired behavior.

Zulu can do some of that, IIRC. You might also look at the FreePBX CRM module, which can connect some CRM packages to FreePBX and give you pop-ups or instantiate a CRM page.

my settings are:

Settings->Advanced Settings->Call Recording Policy : caller

Queue (that answers first) ->Recording Mode: After Answered

In every 5 of the Extensions that are all ringing after the queue :

Inbound External Calls: Always
Outbound External Calls: Always
Inbound Internal Calls: Always
Outbound Internal Calls: Always
On Demand Recording: Disable
Record priority Policy: 10

and in recordings - call monitor i see
for every incoming call

6 recordings - rows (the 5 extensions + 1 with the queue)

How can the system show only one row per incoming call?
Thank you!!

The problem is one of perspective. There is 1 recording per call after the incoming call gets split out to all of the possible endpoints. Since the system can’t predict which endpoint is going to take the call, the recordings are started for each of the instances of the call.

You should be able to get rid of the queue recording, unless you’re hoping to hear some conversation involving the people that are talking to your IVR. After that, the individual recordings will start (depending on your options, IIRC) either when the phone starts to ring or on answer.

Enable recording only on the inbound/outbound routes, that way one recording will be made but it will include everything that gets in the way until someone answers e.g. ivr message, moh. No that biggie as it will make the file little bigger but not 4 different files.

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