Multiple phones are dependently of each other after they share the same extension number

i know if use device and user mode, multiple phones can share the same extension, but all the phones are registered by the same account.
now i want multiple phones share the same extension, and all the phones are independently of each other. they just use the same extension number.

just like:
i have a extension number 2001 in two or more company(A and B and …). but they can not influence each other. they just have the same extension number.

can asterisk support this feature work? or some third-party modules can help to make it work?

Use a ring group

He doesn’t want a Ring Group, he wants a multi-tenant PBX, which FreePBX is not :slight_smile:

oh, read this wrong… Best bet get a decent system and run virtual machines.

Better bet, do that and have one virtual machine as a real SIP router.

I see Elastix in 3.0 is adding a bunch of Kamailio™ stuff. Not sure what they are doing but I can only imagine they are running it parallel for some sort of manipulation

I think you are right, i didn’t find any third-party modules can make that work.
and now if i have only one trunk account, as your mean that should have multiple SIP routers in one virtual machine? or have multiple virtual machines and every virtual machine have one SIP router? thanks

Well I prefer the term SIP proxy, it does more than just router, the idea is you have one or more (for redundancy) Proxies, the trunk you have would be redirected to the proxy, the proxy can then forward to your FreePBI as appropriate but can also do all your sanitation and security checks on the “Session” (the S in SIP). Your FreePBI will be configured with a “trunk” to the Proxy, which can do similar things but basically lusts send the Session to your carrier. You then have a choice of whether your users register against the FreePBI or against the Proxy, maybe start off with against the PBI as you will be more comfortable with taht but failover and redundancy are reduced.

Basically you get to be in charge of what goes where from whom and when, the clients get individual machines, you get to be a real VSP in effect.