Multiple Missed Calls

I have a brand new small FreePBX system, 3 physical phones on desks.
All 3 are in ADMIN-RingGroup
When a call comes in and not answered at desks, call goes to an extension vMail.
But, the phones show they have had 10 or 20 missed calls for the one call that came in.
If I do 2 or 3 calls inbound test, the phones will literally show “hundreds” of missed calls.

When I look at call history, one call may show 3 or 4 times.
When I do a CDR report, I can see a LOT of data with the same phone number listed.

It’s like the “missed calls” are recording a live stream of the asterisk call logs during a call…

Did I make any sense there?

Phones are Yealink t41s models.
Newest Asterisk/Free PBX version installed on June 15th, a few weeks ago

No idea on the multi calls, but in your ring group settings, you need to enable mark answered elsewhere to not leave a missed call warning

Thanks, @sorvani, so… I should mark the "“answered elsewhere” in the ring group. Which I can do. But does that mean, when the VoiceMail picks up the call, and I’ve marked “answered elsewhere”, I won’t see that I have a Missed Call on my phone?

I would think I still want to know “whom” I missed, in case they don’t leave a message or hang up when they hear the VM Message?


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