Multiple Magicjack on freepbx?

Hello, I have a Magicjack on my frrepbx using a grandstream FXO gatway, It is a 4 port. I just got 3 more magicjacks and connected them. They work diling out. But I have a problem with Dialing in. What I mean is if the msin number is busy is there a way that in freepbx if the main number is busy it can go to the next magicjack? I know in a normal way say from verizon it can go in a trunk line setup for a pots line. But in using magicjacks I have no clue. Can someone please help me to figure this out?


If your MagicJack line is busy the only way it would be able to go to a different line is if Magicjack had the ability to forward calls to alternative numbers if a call comes in and your line is busy.

In other words, this is not done on the FreePBX system but upstream by the provider if it’s an option.


Thank you very much for the help and understanding. I will give a call to magicjack sense they have phone support now I see from the last time I was on there site.


Do you have an extension for each of the Magicjack? If so,

Create a ring group with all of your roll over lines. Set to first not in use and skip busy.
Point your did to the extension. Set call waiting off. Set busy/unavailable destination to the ring group.

Calls will ring first to the extension and if busy they will go to the roll over ring group.

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I don’t have each magicjack for each phone Extension.

I looked into it. But I don’t know if the personal magicjack has the skip busy function. I did saw that the Magicjack for business has it.

Edit: I only have two phones. I’m not trying to get each phone extension to run on a magicjack. My goal is if my first magicjack is busy then it will go to the second magicjack line for a phone call for incomming calls. Like a trunk failover phone line.


Is this a business PBX?

No this is my pbx. I don’t use it for business.