Multiple lines with PJSIP

Just out of curiosity, what is your specific use case for multiple phones on the same extension? Maybe we can help find a work around.

makes it easy to manage and use. in the house or in the office you only need to use the same extensions if you deploy multiple devices over different locations - much easier than having to setup follow me and also remember what extension goes where.

Have you thought about using ring groups? Much easier than follow me.

SIP providers do not care if you are using Chan_SIP or Chan_PJSIP. Those are the SIP drivers in Asterisk, that’s it. Not every SIP system in the world uses these. SIP is SIP.

If you ask your provider if they support it and they say “no” it’s probably because they actually have no idea what it is.

yes and same reason. i have to create multiple extensions. plus with BLF I can watch the extensions go active or not or even press the button to dial them


Let’s try this use case. Person A is part of a group, let’s call it Sales, but Person A also has a personal extension and perhaps even a direct number that goes to that extension. So now Person A can be dialed at their extensions and even have calls come in directly to that extension. But now you want them to take Sales calls, you want the Sales extension do to certain things. Perhaps have a FollowMe if no one answers but most importantly you do not what the state of Person A’s device (or any in the group) to be a factor in the sending of calls in the group.

That means you don’t want calls to not ring Person A because they are on their “personal” line and show as Busy so you skip them or ignore CF/CW settings. You don’t have to worry about their personal FollowMe/CF hijacking calls. You don’t have to manage personal extensions settings with how they impact your group settings.

You could also want the Sales extension to be be assigned to it’s own default Parking Lot that Sales calls are parked to while regular calls are parked to the lot assigned to the personal extension. As well, all the Sales calls could require a specific outbound callerID or route/trunk for their calls.

In all these cases using one extension for every user and then using Ring Groups, feature codes, special dial codes, etc is a lot of management and work for both the admin and the user when you could just slap that extension on any devices additional SIP accounts and BAM user added in 1 minute.

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There’s also that registering multiple contacts under a single “AOR” (address of record, or in our common terms, SIP account) is part of the SIP standard that should be available to the Asterisk user, and until the PJSIP stack was added, it wasn’t.

It’s getting more to the “unified communications” way of doing things and moving away from the crusty old idea of a phone line or extension.

It’s a bit philosophical but really there’s no need to debate whether someone’s use case is legitimate or could be done using the old tools… SIP itself has provided for this for a long time and Asterisk is finally catching up.