Multiple Holiday Schedules + IVR


We have been asked to implement the following on a customers PBX. Right now as I think about it, I’m thinking the Calendar Module would be best but I’m not sure how to correctly create the time conditions without nesting a bunch of them together.

The client has recordings for each Holiday they will be closed. This is on top of their normal “after hours” closed recording. Each recording is specific to the Holiday “Hello, we are closed in observance of MLK day” or whatever it may be, and each recording has IVR options listed (I’ve tried to get them to only have the closed recording and leave the IVR options as a separate recording but this is what we have to work with right now).

We can setup the Holidays in the Calendar and then create Time Conditions based on those. My question though is how to correctly handle all of these time conditions. A call would come in and would need to hit a condition to determine if or not its regular business hours. If it is, the call goes through to the main IVR and they get the regular greeting. If it’s after ours OR a holiday, it needs to go to the appropriate IVR and play the correct greeting.

The Holidays they are covering, just off the top of my head would be the standard New Year, Christmas, Thanks Giving as well as MLK Day, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day etc.

Am I over thinking this, is there a way of doing this without creating a ton of time conditions and an IVR for each recording? I’m open to commercial modules at this point if it’s something that would help us achieve this.

Thanks for any help.

I’ve always done this same scenario with nesting. I almost thought about creating a new module that would handle it automatically, but for now nesting works. I’d be interested to see if someone has a better way of accomplishing that.

This is a usual setup.

You don’t need to say the holiday name. You can have a generic message “We are closed in observance of the holiday… bla bla”

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