Multiple harddrives: choose install destination

Hello all,

I would like to install freepbx distro on a pc without cdrom. I created a bootable USB pen drive with unetbootin, selecting the downloaded ISO-file from freepbx. The problem is that freepbx installation thinks I want to install to the USB drive instead of the harddrive, so it presents an error message that there is not enough disk space. How can I choose to install to the harddrive instead?


I figured out how to do it eventually:

first, mount the usb drive you’ve just created to install freePBX, and open “syslinux.cfg” in notepad. Download the file pointed to by the “ks” parameter under the “STABLE” menu item. Edit this file appropriately (see for help) to force installation to a specific device (hda, hdb, etc). Put the new file on a webserver and change the “ks” parameter in syslinux.cfg to point to your own kickstart file. That’s it, just plug in the usb drive in the target system and boot! :slight_smile:

any help on clarifying exactly what to put for;

“Edit this file appropriately to force installation to a specific device (hda, hdb, etc).”?

I can’t seem to find what I need.

What command defines the location of the new installation? And where should I execute this command in the ks?

if you take a look at you’ll find everything you need to change the kickstart file to suit your needs.