Multiple Google Voice Accounts

I am running FreePBX

I am using a two-port ATA registered to the PBX. I am also a noob concerning FreePBX.

I have been using the PBX for some time using Google Voice plus a dedicated DID. Using the Google Voice App for FreePBX, I have tried adding a second Google Voice account to the PBX, making sure to create the trunks and routes as well. Each phone line in the ATA is registered to a separate FreePBX extension. The second Google Voice account was going to do all connections through GTalk; no DID for the second Google Voice account.

The first extension that I have been using works well; however, the second extension will receive calls without problem but when I try to dial out (the first extension is NOT in use; I am only trying to call out on one extension at a time) I get a message that “Your number can not be completed as dial, please check the number and try again”. I have checked all settings for the second Google Voice against the settings in the first Google Voice that is working and I can find nothing wrong. I checked the dial plan and both are the same for both outbound routes I have checked the settings on Google Voice webpage and they are the same for both accounts. All settings on FreePBX seem to be correct and all settings at Google Voice seem to be correct.

Why can I dial out with the first account without problems but get the “can not be completed” message when trying to dial out with the second account? What am I missing with multiple Google Voice accounts?

Any Google Voice users that might could shed some light on how I am suppose to set up multiple Google Voice numbers? Everything; except the Google Account name of course, is the same for both accounts, both on the PBX and at Google.


You can try this:

Hope this is what you are looking for

Thanks, I will try it and see how it goes. Perhaps I can learn something from it.

I ran the script, made the changes to the extensions and now everything is broken. Of course I had the good sense to back everything up so now it is just a matter of putting things back the way they were.

My question of why one extension works and the other does not using multiple google voice is still not answered.

I decided to upgrade to but that did not help. I added my main Google Voice number and it is working perfectly. However, trying to add a second Google Voice number does not work. I can call the number and the extension will ring but when I answer the phone the calling phone continues to ring. Trying to call out on the second Google Voice number gets, “I can not complete your call as dialled, please check your number and try again.”

Any help with this is appreciated.