Multiple FreePBX instances - Single WAn IP?

So my question is if I run 2 or more Freepbx instances how can I register a sip phone or softphone with them if they talk to the outside with the same IP address.

FPBx 1 - Local IP
FPBx 2 - Local IP

Router - 71.x.x.x

My assumtion is I can use different ports but is that the only way? Would there be a way to have them register with something similar to and having the same ip still) and have them resolve that way?

Sorry if this has been previously covered.

Why not ask your ISP to add a /30 subnet? That will give you 3 Externally routable IPs on a single connection.
I have that on a DSL service here where i have two mail servers (1 x Exchange and 1 x Postfix) and a seperated customer network. Only costs me $5 per month extra.

I would do that if in only had the 2 boxes. I intend to expand and potentially have several more and did not know if there was a way to do this with out having a wan address for each one.

Only way i can think of then would be to use different ports.
I think what you really want is a multi tennant solution right? Are you looking to host the PBX for different customers?

Your sip1 and sip2 are just DNS records on the internet, the traffic will be sent to the 1 IP address and needs to be directed from there. It is not like a website virtual server where you can split traffic based on host headers.

Absolutely! I’ve looked around and really only found FusionPBX and I don’t too much like it. Not to mention I could not get inbound from Vitelity to work.

FreePBX does not support multi tenancy, however i have managed to kludge it at one customer so that everything except parking lots works.
Use of Extension Routes and strict outbound dial rules worked for me.
I also used custom contexts but can probably get around that now with the proper extension routes module.
I think Park Pro would help with parking lots but if they don’t need that then you could just disable parking lots full stop.

You will also only be able to use 1 music on hold source for the Hold buttons on the phones, but can have individual MOH on ring groups / queues.

What are some other options for a multi-tenant? I know there are a few paid options for it.

no idea. all except 1 of my sites are single use and on premise. I am not interested in supplying hosted services due to security risks and accountability if something goes wrong.
I see the new V3.0 of Elastix is supposed to be aimed at Multi Tenancy but have not had much to do with elastix as every time i tried it there was “something” that did not work (usually endpoint related).
Good luck with you project though.

Understandable. I’ve also thought about the potential of providing a turnkey option for onsite and just charging for the support. I will check out Elastic. I appreciate the help!

Yeah, I prefer on premise things still. Especially with phones as the internet can be unreliable and really a company with no phone connection may as well close it’s doors these days.
I generally setup a mix of PSTN and VoIP at each site making sure there is at least 1 PSTN line so calls can be directed to it in case of internet failure as well as Emergency calls can be located by Emergency operator.

Good luck to you any way :slight_smile:

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What about hosting the instances as a VPS with AWS or something similar? The IP problem would be resolved with the vps host as they provide the ip with the server. Any thoughts on the matter?

That would work … so long as you secure it very very very well …

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If you need a multi tenant PBX, you will have to switch to 3CX. It is fairly easy to configure, however their licensing structure is scary.

I would do that if in only had the 2 boxes. I intend to expand and
potentially have several more and did not know if there was a way to do
this with out having a wan address for each one.