Multiple fax inboxes, same user

Is there a way to have one user with multiple fax inboxes (different numbers) in UCP?

If I set the inbound routes of multiple fax numbers to point to the same Fax Recipient -> User, the faxes from all numbers all appear in the same inbox.

I suspect the only workaround for this would be to create different additional user accounts for the additional fax numbers. Of course, this means those additional UCP users would need signed in via Incognito or alternative browser windows due to UCP login session persistence or they’d have to log in and out of each of the UCP accounts one at a time.

This should be submitted as a feature request. The easiest addition would be to allow a UCP user to “share” fax inboxes from other users (like we already can with CF, History, DND, etc)…then a single user could have multiple fax widgets, one for each inbox.

An off-PBX alternative workaround would be to use the email option for incoming. A single filtered inbox with multiple incoming email aliases attached, UCP user account for each fax inbox like above, each pointing to a different alias so the inbox can filter by that alias and place in folders. They’d still need to log into UCP to send faxes as any given fax number, but it would be the cleanest way to sort inbound faxes into a single inbox with the way things work now.

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