Multiple Extensions -- One Voicemail Box -- VM Button

Using FreePBX and Asterisk all recent or most recent versions.

I have several extensions (e.g. 101, 102, 103) they are in a ring group where, if no one answers, the calls goes to the voicemail box configured for extension 101. All good, so far.

I use CISCO SPA50xg phones with a handy little voicemail button.

Since voicemails to all extensions go to the same box (101), I want the VM button on the phone to go to the 101 VM box so that anyone can retrieve the VM. According to the documentation I should set the mailbox number to [email protected] in Applications, Extensions, 103 (and 102), Advanced, Mailbox. I have tried that. I have also tried setting “Voicemail Extension” field on the same page to [email protected], [email protected], *98101 all to no avail. When I press the VM Button on the phone (103) and watch the CLI the get_vmcontext gets called with 103, VMCONTEXT comes back as novm (presumably “no voicemail”) and VMBOXEXISTSTATUS=FAILED. So it appears that nothing I enter into either the Mailbox Number field or the Voicemail Extension field has any effect on what happens when I push the VM button on the phone.

I COULD alter the SPA50xg basefile to set the VM number to *98101, but it would seem that it should work from the extension AND I have other phones in the office that DO NOT follow this convention so would have to create a different device for them – a PITA.

Am I doing something wrong?

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