Multiple Extensions on Ring group = failing inbound calls

Hello all…!

I am currently running a hosted Freepbx w/sangoma server (hosted by cyberlink) and have about 20 linksys Spira (303s and 942s) phones in my office. My local network sits behind an ATT Uverse modem and a Netgear Nighthawk Router

They all dial out perfectly fine. But when calls come in through a ring group with all the (20) extensions, any one that answers that call, the phone shows an “answering” message, all the phones from that inbound call keeps ringing, and the caller ends up in a voicemail.

I tried switching to a findme setup, but I ran into the same issue.

The only fix I have is to place a small amount of extensions on the ring groups, I think I maxed out at 5 extensions before the problem arises. Another thing I noticed recently is that the calls can not be transferred from one extension to another.

Very frustrating because I am feeling the pressure from my sales agents and my partner. From my past 15 hours of scouring the forums and reading the guides, I am starting to feel like its a NAT issue, and that I should do something about setting up a VPN… There are no tutorials on setting up an Externally hosted PBX server so I am kind of stuck until I can find someone that’s familiar with this issue and can help!


I would make sure any SIP helpers (SIP ALG, etc.) are disabled on your router.

Tried that just now and it the connection between the phones and the server failed after the router rebooted.

Hmmm… Couple of questions. Are you saying the phones will not register at all after the change? Did you give the router time to re-establish the wan connection? Did you try rebooting the phones? In every instance I’ve come across it is recommended to disable SIP ALG (Cisco implementations may be different).

several comments:

  1. get a decent router - one that is voice aware. we use edgemarcs, but sangoma sells sbc’s as well.
  2. sip alg needs to be off
  3. check your extension settings, make sure nat is yes,
  4. on your crappy router, check the udp session timers and make sure they are set to a longer time than the qual time in the extension settings

how fast is your uverse connection. a ring group of 20 phones requires the phone system to actually ring each individual phone. that is a lot of traffic in a short period of time. with a decent router you can do traffic shaping to ensure you have enough bandwidth to process the call traffic.

necits2015 and Bksales,

Thanks for the input!!!

Crappy router, haha, The nighthawk came highly praised!

I had a feeling it was the router/modem setup we had going mostly because I’ve personally never had any good experience with clients that have Netgear products.

I am more used to linksys/cisco devices :triumph:

I’ve decided to go back my previous pricey hosted setup because all the calls being dropped through out the today caused a lot of frustration for my team.

In the mean time, what are some recommended modem / router setups that I should be looking into? My company is continuously growing, and our aim is about 25-30 reps before I can just outsource these headaches to a dedicated IT pro.

ALSO, with the right setup, do I have to look into setting up VPN tunneling between my External PBX server and my local phone system?

I really do not want to, or plan on facing these issue again, I rather just buy something that’s capable of handling what I have now with a little bit of growth before I tackle this again. I’ve had to put out fires for clients when I was once and IT, but having my own company is a different kind of stress!

i guess i would start by asking what you are trying to accomplish. if you want to bring a pbx inhouse, i would immediately ask why. this day in age it does not, to me anyhow, make any sense to have an on premise server. so

  1. what is your goal? if you are using a hosting service that you are not happy with, look around for others. just remember the cheapest guy in town is not always the best service is the core issue money? or is it features? or what?
  2. what does your network environment look like? or do you intend to install a new network just for voice?

Well, I do not plan on bringing the PBX in house, seems like more problems for me to worry about if I do.

  1. My main goal is to leave my current provider (Nextiva). They are too costly IMO and at the same time very limited to additional features and monitoring. I want to be able to have a dashboard that presents to me call stats (how much outbound calls, time on phone, whose on the phone and whose not, missed calls, etc.) I was never really looking into finding the cheapest… but I am a bargain hunter and have a thing for building things my self. Plain and simple, I just don’t see why I should pay about $50 per extension, and additional fees for call monitoring and other features.

  2. Currently, my office consists of 18 users - 18 phones, Totaling 45 devices. If I have to get another network for voice, I’d have not choice because our company is all phone sales. But right now I don’t think I need that for I’m somewhere around 20 down 12 up.