Multiple Extensions Answering A Call?

I am trying to figure out if there is anyway to meet this goal and cannot for the life of me figure out if this function exists!

I need any of 20 extensions to be able to initiate a call (to a misc destination or some code lets call it 12345). This would make all the other extensions (19) ring. However, when 1 person picks up the call it continues to ring other extensions that can continue to answer the call and be added to said call.

Basically I want to be able to send a request (ring) to extensions and upon answering they are added to a conference. If this functionality doesn’t exist or a work around to get a similar functionality I would gladly fund a developer to make an extension that would do this.


I’d solve it in a series of callfiles through AGI. Write a script that calls all your extensions and (when they pick up) connects them to the conference in question. It’s not “simple”, but it is straightforward.

Some of the connect technologies available implement “shared lines” (like Chan-SCCP-B and DAHDI) but I’m not sure you want to have all of the extensions be on a party line like that.

We’ve discussed this in our triage meetings as I believe there are other tickets with a similar request. What you are asking for is nothing more then a page group that does not auto-answer. In essence, a page group does this but happens to go through the part of the dialplan that adds the appropriate headers to tell a phone to auto-answer. You would eliminate that. (If you happened to have phones that are not capable of auto-answering, then you would already have this.) The other things that may need to be added from a configuration perspective is if you honor their ring times or make that settable from the page group, and properly coding the calls so they don’t drop into voicemail, similar to how calls in a ring group are treated.

If you’re interested in exploring having this accelerated you can contact support to discuss the possibility of funding it. I suspect it will eventually get done based on our discussions, but the timing of that is in question, and it’s not clear if that is something that would be added to the normal paging or to paging pro. (The decision would depend on what’s involved and if any of the paging pro capabilities were desired in the implementation).

I would be glad to help fund it. We already contacted you to get a price on funding this and it was very high.

This is for a state public safety network, we would gladly help fund it (at a reasonable cost) and produce a press release that would be distributed regarding your reactive response to solving this issue for us.

I will attempt contacting support again.