Multiple Entries in CDR


I wonder if someone can help please? We are running the latest version of SNG7 on a PBX and for incoming external calls we are seeing multiple entries for the same call in the CDR records. We have call recording enabled and from the recordings I can 100% confirm that they are duplicates. This doesn’t happen for internal calls or outbound external calls. I can see 16 records for 1 call. Interestingly the call duration for all but one of the records is incorrect.

I have set the rule to record on the inbound and outbound routes.

I was wondering if anyone has any pointers please?


Let me guess - your inbound calls are terminating in a ring-group or queue that rings about 15 phones? If that sounds about right, then CDR is working as designed.

Asterisk is a Back to Back User Agent, so an inbound call terminates in the PBX and a series of new calls (to your extensions) are initiated. When one of these new calls picks up, the inbound call is bridged to that extension and the rest of the phone calls are terminated.

Yes thats it! is it possible to change this please? Maybe using a queue or something please? Its a bit of a mess in the CDR.


Not really. From the system’s (and from an accuracy) perspective, each of these calls in the Call Detail Records is a valid and important entry. Each of them actually happened, and without CDR entries, there’s no way to troubleshoot or report on actual usage.

The easiest solution is to delete the calls that you don’t want to keep. You should be able to write a MySQL query that deletes them based on disposition and run it every (time period of your choice) to get rid of the records you’ve identified as nuisance records.

When generating reports, set a disposition = answered or not no answer.

Thanks for the replies. Im glad its not a technical problem.

Igartz - If they want want to see missed calls it will still be an issue.

It isn’t the end of the world, I can live with it.


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