Multiple DIDs, how to know which one is being called?

Hi all!

I have a quick question, maybe someone can help me out. Since our business consists of multiple phone numbers, I wanted to know if there was anyway of knowing which DID is being called in?

I know that you can route them to specific extensions to ring at certain phones, but if all the phones are configured to receive inbound calls, is there a way for us to know which DID is being dialed?

Not sure if there is a feature on the grandstream phone that will allow us to know what business number is being called, as there in the future, two businesses will be hosted at the same location. So we dont really want to have separate phones or extensions, but more to know which way to greet the phone.

Look for the “CID Prefix” on the inbound route definition. Set each inbound number to a specific inbound route and add the caller ID prefix you want to use there.

Failing that, you can write a custom context that changes the Caller ID information programmatically (putting the last 4 digits of the DID in front of the CID).

You could set a “CID name prefix” for each DID. Whatever you enter here will be prepended to the Caller ID name field. You could also use “Alert Info” for distinctive ring.

Thank you for this!! It is exactly what I wanted to do :slight_smile: