Multiple DID's handled by single receptionist

We have a receptionist that needs to answer calls for various businesses in the building. Each business has it’s own DID which we provide. Ideally what we would like is to have each DID assigned to a labeled key on the receptionist phone so that she would know which business the incoming call is intended for and how to answer it. (e.g. Line 1 is for Business_A which lights up when call comes in, “Hello this is Business_A how can I help you? Let me ring that person for you”)

I think this should be simple but am having trouble finding a way to do it. Any thoughts?

Provision multiple lines on the receptionist’s console.

Adding multiple lines would be helpful if the receptionist also needed to make outbound calls on the different lines.

If it’s only a matter of recognizing what number the inbound call is coming from, you could simply add a CID Prefix on each inbound line to show on the phone when an incoming call comes in which inbound route was hit.

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