Multiple DIDs from provider to extensions

Let’s assume I get 100 DID from voip provider, i.e. 123456100 to 123456199 , how can manage them in order to be associated to extension 100 to 199 ??
Should I create 100 inbound routes , one per did/extension (eventually managed via bulk DID) ??

Yes because you have 100 unique routes.

Ok, pretty easy with a csv editor and bulk import,
I was thinking to some extension-custom code to associate 123456XXX to extension XXX , no knowledge to know if it’s doable…

You may create a Custom Destination with Target = ‘from-did-direct,${FROM_DID:-3},1’ and then send all calls (DID = ANY) to the Custom Dest. That will take only the last 3 digits in the incoming DID and send it in to then get to the extension.


This is true but are all 100 DIDs going to be treated the same? Will some want recording or faxing? What is the actual use case for this going to be? Sometimes a catch all isn’t the right solution.

The catch all is good here, because it gets overridden by any DID-specific routes.

I didn’t say it wouldn’t be. I was just highlighting that knowing the actual scenario and use case might help determine if it is or isn’t.

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