Multiple caller ID lookup sources, possible?

Hello! I currently use free PBX with and https caller ID lookup source that makes an API call to a CRM platform I use. It works great!

I am in the process of transitioning to a different system, and during that process, I would like to be able to look up caller ID from both the Old system, and the new system. Whereby, if the customer phone number is not attached to a name in the old system, it makes a an API call to a second caller ID lookup source and queries my new system to see if it can find the customer name attached to that phone number there and return that on caller id.

Right now when I am looking at my inbound route, I can only choose one caller ID lookup source. Is there any Plug-In or interesting hack available that would allow me to use two caller ID lookup sources with one inbound route? Thank you very much!

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