Multiple Call Flow Controls for On-Call Engineering Staff

I have read the posts on similar topics but haven’t found anything that works (but I have found a couple of things that broke my whole system).

I have a phone number for our Engineering department that rings to a time condition. If matched, the time condition rings a ring group with an extension and one engineer’s cell phone (who is on duty in the mornings). If unmatched it rings the extension and the engineer who is on duty in the afternoons. This is working admirably.

BUT, when the morning engineer is on vacation, I want to be able to easily override this so that calls go to the extension and the second engineer, who will be filling in that morning. And on those days I need the afternoon calls to to to still another ring group with backup engineering staff.

Similarly when the afternoon engineer is on vacation, we need the afternoon calls to go instead to the extensnion plus the backup engineering staff.

I’d like to do all of this with call flow controls but as I see it I can only have one override. I have seen posts where others have done this through feature codes and BLFs but my attempts to emulate their successes have failed.

Any help would be appreciated.

This gets complicated depending on exactly what you want to be magic.

The simplest thing would be to add two more and Call Flow Controls and Ring Groups. One for morning and one for afternoon.
Those CFC will each have the unmatched destination be whoever is covering vacation and the matched destination will be the normal person.

Then each one can flip vacation with a feature code.

Inbound call -> Inbound Route -> Time Condition = Morning -> CFC Morning Vacation Override Ring Group = No Override -> Morning Ring Group
Inbound call -> Inbound Route -> Time Condition = Morning -> CFC Morning Vacation Override Ring Group = Override -> Vacation Morning Ring Group

Repeat for Afternoon.

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