Multiple Call Flow Control items on same inbound route

I’ve set up Call Flow Control & Misc Destinations for an Inbound Route to be able to forward to my moble by using the toggle *280

But how do I add a secong toggle for forwarding to my partner’s mobile as I can’t set more than 1 call flow control as the destination of an inbound route.

Since call flow is a binary flow the only way to do it using Call Flow would be to setup a second nested call flow toggle for the partners phone as one of the legs for your initial toggle at *280.

Alternatively you could look into setting up the Dynamic Routes module: Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Documentation


Is dynamic routes OK to use as it’s unsupported?

Also would I have to setup different pairs for different inbound routes

Wait, how is Dynamic Routes unsupported?

You have to enable the “Unsupported” repository to be able to download it

The module is contributed to the FreePBX project and community maintained. It generally works.

Thanks for the reassurance.

And the question about differeent pairs for different inbound routes, or can it all be done with 1 pair?

Hopefully last question, how do I upload the sound prompt?

You can create/save custom recordings using the Admin → System Recordings module.

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