Multiple ADSL lines

Here on the Canary islands the ADSL upload is limited to 320kbps.

Most of our clients have multiple ADSL lines, so I would like to setup FreePBX to use them.

Is it possible to tell the Trunk to use a different Gateway and not the default one?

Some of them are using Dual-Wan routers, but I’d like to setup FreePBX to use more lines.

This is a admittedly a shot in the dark, but setting the DNS settings in Asterisk to the DNS servers on the trunk you want to use for your voice traffic might work.
Is there no way of routing SIP/IAX traffic in the router itself ?

SIP trunks are just IP traffic, so if you configure your routes carefully it is possible but this is not a simple task, specially if you don’t know what you are doing. At the same time you have a given external IP and all traffic from the outside is going to come in on that IP and route (which is out of your control). So any connections coming in on that will NEED to return back out on the same path.

maybe this will do

Thanks for the replay.

Inbound connections are not needed, so I don’t think about it.

Yes, probably the easiest solution is a dual / multi - wan router. But it’s not present on every site.

I was hoping to define a different gateway for every trunk.

If this is for egress only traffic simply set the gateway for the Asterisk machine to the router for the ADSL circuit you wish to use.

The idea is to have multiple trunks using different gateways.

So when one trunk is full, the new one will use a different gateway.

What you are asking can not be done within asterisk / freepbx it is an OS level function.

You will use a network device to do the channel bonding, and one would not use
the pbx as the bonding box (load and security reasons).

So you are left with third party solutions a second linus box to bond the channels or a device like I liked to.

Yeah I thought so. Was worth a try. :slight_smile: