Multilingual greeting

My client deals with both domestic as international customers. I have set up an announcement before the ring group with a kind greeting. I was now wondering if it’s possible to greet clients from abroad in English instead of the native language using multiple announcements.

I was thinking of using a module like “dynamic routes” that checks the CID, assuming the country code is always in the CID. Could that work or are there better solutions for this?

Setup different announcements for each country you want different languages, then you can setup multiple inbound routes and match the CID with each country (for example Philippines: _63XXXXXXXXXX) and then point it to the right announcement.

I need 1 route for 1 country and 1 route for all other countries. Is that possible? And do I use “CallerID Number” under “Inbound Routes” where it says “ANY” by default?

Yes .

Yes that is possible, yes use the ANY field or yes to both? :slight_smile:

Problem with the CID is that when calling from a domestic number, the country code is not included. So I won’t be able to route based on that. Otherwise it works perfectly btw.

Any ideas? Is it perhaps possible to route based on !_63?

I have solved this using this module and a simple PHP script like this:

if(substr($number,0,2)=='00' && substr($number,0,4)!='00XX') echo 'en';

Where “XX” is the domestic country code.

The default route is set to the native language, everything else is routed to the English greeting. I have created 2 ring groups to also provide native and English voicemails.

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