Multilingual botbuilder with speech recognition for IVR applications

I recently launched my project for private BETA.
With our APIs, you can turn recorded audio into actions that can drive your IVR flows.
Please request access via our website if you are interested in being part of our BETA process.

Since this is your first post to the forum, why not introduce yourself and describe how your (commercial?) product will integrate with FreePBX and/or Asterisk. Clicking the link provided doesn’t provide much info.


Thanks for the gentle nudge @lgaetz.

My name is Baba and I am deeply curious about voice and conversational artificial intelligence technology solutions. Here is a post that provides more context regarding my motivation to build this product ([https]amazethu[dot]com/all-spoken-languages-matter-for-voicetechnologies/).

There is no commercial plan for the product at this point, however, using ARIs you can integrate our APIs into your IVR applications. With our APIs you would be able to turn recorded user audio into actions configured on our platform which can then drive your IVR workflows.

This should make adding a speech recognition service to your IVR application (either using FreePBX or Asterisk) very easy.

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