Multihomed (Inside and Outside NICs) with HTTPS

I have a PBXAct system (which is FreePBX) with a NIC directly connected to the Internet with a public IP and a host.domain.tld domain. The second NIC is for the private LAN. The firewall is working fine (I really like the setup) and I have successfully setup Let’sEncrypt for SSL on the outside NIC. However, obviously I don’t want to expose the admin portal login to the Internet but I DO want to be able to use https for it on the inside lan properly with an SSL cert. The only option I can think of is to set DNS on the LAN for the same domain but with the private IP, but this is a PITA when I am connecting over a VPN (using another firewall) with a chromebook. Any ideas to make both sides work flawlessly with SSL/TLS cert(s)?

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