Multicast to Paging Group is sending Broadcast to all Groups

Hello, and thank you for any help you may provide. I’ve setup Multicast to Paging Groups, but everytime a message gets pushed it Broadcasts to all phones and not just the one Paging Group it’s supposed to. I’m attaching some examples of my setup. I’m only allowed to post one image since i’m new to this community. However, my Paging Groups have matching IP Addresses and Port Numbers as shown in the Multicast Listeners attachment.

How exactly do ‘message get pushed’ and please show the addresses they are pushed too ?

They get pushed from a system called BellCommander and it sends to a 224.x.x.x Multicast address.

I previously had more clients in the Bell Commander Multicast Groups to match the ones from the FreePBX Multicast Listeners shown in the 1st picture.

Simply, if you send to then listeners to will ‘hear’ it but listeners to other address:port wont, it’s a ‘network thing’. But we can’t see your actual addresses (they really are not a security risk :wink: )

I had a different Multicast Address for each group example;
Middle School
Lower School
Upper School

When a message would get sent to any one of the Multicast Groups, all phones in every paging group would play the announcement. It was Broadcasting, not Multicasting.

Broadcasting != Multicasting :wink:

I understand. However, it’s sending to every group and not just the assigned Multicast Groups. I’m not sure if you’re trying to help, or just here to be sarcastic?

The broadcast address is generally n.n.n.255 for a /24 network a multicast address will be more restricted to one port on one ip, so you will need to multicast individually to et al , not being sarcastic, being doing this for years using ffmpeg , gstreamer and many other services and can assure you that is works as advertised . Use tcpdump to prove otherwise in your case though

tcpdump -n net 

will show all traffic on your multicast services

Ok… I may not be looking at this correctly but this may be very simple…

you set the multicast setting in the phone template correct? did you create multiple templates for the phones in different groups?

If ALL the phones use that template then ALL the phones are in ALL those groups… no?

Not sure what you mean by ‘template’ depending on the phone it can listen on one or more multicasts, it might also be able to send on one or more, multicasts are ‘connection less’ no other member is aware of any other member including the multicaster.

Look at his first posted pic… it’s the digium phone template from EPM.
That digium phone template makes any phone that uses it a listener on ALL of those multicast groups.

Assuming that is his only phone template then yes, all phones will get all multicasts regardless of what ip/port they broadcast to because all the phones are programmed to listen to all those ip/ports.

I have never used Digium phones, but if a phone is listening on lots of multicasts . . , well of course!

yeah, the more I look at it the more it looks like this is the case. The OP doens’t have his template configured correctly and the behavior he describes is exactly what I’d expect to happen given that template.

He needs a different template for phones in Middle School, Lower school, Upper School etc…

As I said, it just works as advertised.

Hello, yes they are all in the same Template, but are split up in the Paging Groups.

yes but what you are affectively doing is saying that any phone that uses that template will “hear” broadcasts to ANY of those groups, exactly as you have described.

You need to create different phone templates for each group and only put the mutlicast setting for THAT group in the template.

So for instance, you would need to create a template for the Middle School phones that only listens to the multicast addresses for:

Middle School

Same for Lower School and Upper School

I can do that, but the issue I will have there are for the phones that are in a space that gets occuppied by Middle School and Upper School at different times. :-/

then you create aother template for them that listens to both Middle and Upper school.

Phones can only be in one Template. But I can accomplish sending to both from the system I use to push messages. Thanks for your help!