Multicast network access problem

Hello, I installed the distro. I have everything working. have access to the PBX. but it is only from the network in which the ATS. (IP address freepbx Network - have access to the PBX.

I configured multicast network:

192,168,1,0 / 24
192,168,2,0 / 24 - Freepbx (
192,168,3,0 / 24
192,168,4,0 / 24

All the networks are working together. (ie from the network 192,168,4,0 / 24 - I ping any computer equipment and networks (192,168,0-3,0 / 24) - EXCEPT 192,168,2,35 (Freepbh) - WHY ???

service iptables stop

This is not really a multicast problem. It is a basic IP layer 3 problem.

Just to verify from any host on 192,168.0-3.0/24 you can ping any host on How are all the networks hooked together?

I explained the whole infrastructure WORKS any device in the range 192,168,0-4,0 / 24 - Ping sees and interacts with each other without any problems.

BUT 192,168,2,35 (ATS) on the local network is accessible from adresune 0.1, 3.4.
Available only from 2 subnet.

The problem is not in the network.

LOOK I have been doing networking for 25 years. If you are not going to provide the simple troubleshooting info that any network technician would need to solve the issue you will have a difficult time getting help on these forums.

What is the default gateway on the asterisk box?
From the Asterisk box can you ping out to all other devices?
From a host on can you ping the Asterisk box?

Asterisk SIP Setting:
NAT - yes
External IP - .***.***.

Network Setting:

IP ..***.*** (external)
MASK .***.***.
GW - .***.***. (external)

YES asterisk ping other devices for all network

So the Astrisk box is multi-homed.

Is eth1 a public IP directly connected to the Internet? i would guess the answer is yes since you redacted the IP info.

How are all the other networks connected? VPN perhaps at remote offices?

yes they are. 1 cable directly to the provider (for outside our subscribers)
1 cable to the LAN.

Yes we are all routers, which raised vpn ipsec.

At the same time we have another PBX in a similar environment. - Sney and everything is fine.

My guess is that the PBX is missing routes to get to all the 192.168.x.x/24 networks. You have no gateway on eht0.