Multicast Interoperative Paging

Ok - I have been trying to make Multicast Paging work across three brands of phones - Grandstream, Polycom and Yealink - I have set it up correctly (at least as far as I can ascertain with all the Documentation) and I have settled on using the Polycom Default Paging settings since they are the least flexible - Yealink and Grandstream are easy to adjust to different settings.

Here is the Matrix I come up with as far as success:

Shockingly the Polycom seems to work the best as the Originator and successfully sends a Multicast Page to all three targets - Yealink get’s two out of three, but the Grandstream ONLY pushes out to Grandstreams (surprise) - Here is the settings on a Polycom:

Here are the settings on a Grandstream:

And finally, here are the settings on the Yealink:

Has anyone else had luck getting them all to work together? From everything I read about the technology (multicast paging) it should work as advertised - but alas, not.

Input from anyone that has this working would be awesome!

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I’m fairly certain that Polycom uses a proprietary RTP stream for their multicast so you will have trouble with audio with other manufacturers… I may be mistaken. Algo has figured out how to work with them though.

Yup - I know about Polycom’s proprietary stream - but both the Yealinks and the Grandstreams say that they work with it - and I have set them both to use Polycom signalling.

I’ve never had an issue with the signaling, only the audio. That being said, I’ve not put a lot of time or effort into multicast cross-compatibility. I believe I’ve gotten Yealink and Panasonic to work on the same Multicast but that’s as far as my testing has gone.

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