Multi tenant simultaneous calls limiting


I’ve got multiple clients running off the same cloud hosted fpbx 13 box, the calls to their did’s are all coming in on the same trunk, so I don’t want to limit calls at the trunk level, but at the route level or similar.

For example:
customer A has 5 phones, but is only paying me for 3 lines, I want to limit their simultaneous calls to 3 (across all 5 of their phones).

customer B has 10 phones, but is paying me for 6 lines, I want to limit their simultaneous calls to 6 across their 10 phones).

What’s the best way to achieve this?

in/out route?
is there a commercial module for this?


No, there are no commercial modules for this. FreePBX is not design for multi-tenant deployment. While you can use it as a base, you are going to have to customize the hell out of it for what you are looking to do.

No, basically a multitenented Asterisk is doomed to ultimate f ailure

I run Asterisk in a multi-tenant setup just fine. It just can’t be be the only thing in the mix.

Tom & Dicko any recommended systems for multi tennant? Freeswitch? FusionPBX? other?

I run multi-tennant too, I guess the only way to do this simultaneous call limiting is at the trunk level?

No. As Tom said, you will have to write some custom dialplan which checks for active channels of said extension range.

There’s a few people here who have a few clients on the same box, but in the same time they will talk you out of using FreePBX for multi tenant.
They are not being rude, or trying to push you away from FreePBX, the reason is, because if you just copy paste without actually knowing what you do, it will eventually bite you very hard…

It’s not just about these custom lines that you want, it’s about separating IVR’s, Queue’s, Ring Groups and blocking extension to extension etc etc. You don’t want calls going to the wrong client…

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FusionPBX makes for a very functional frontend to FreeSwitch that is designed from the ground up to be multitenented.

I highly doubt that. I, right now, have a single Asterisk box with multiple clients that all have the same ranges of extensions, same parking lot slots (1-9), operator (0) groups/extensions, etc, etc. How are you doing that now?

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