Multi Tenant Box

Hello, I have been reading the posts all day and haven’t seen a post on this recently so I wanted to ask (if I missed something, sorry…). Has a solution for having a multi-tenant box been created yet? Meaning, can I have a box with 2 seperate companies on it. Therefore Ext 101 from company A will be different than Ext 101 from Company B. And if ext 101 from comany A called ext 102, it would only ring the Ext 102 from Company A and wont attempt to reach Company B.
If there hasn’t been a way to do this yet with FreePBX, then can anyone suggest any solution that does this? How are companies offering hosted PBX services?
FYI- I am currently using Trixbox CE.
Thanks for your help!!!

You didn’t miss anything. FreePBX isn’t really for that type of use.

The companies offering hosted are running multiple instances.

try this